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Baby Who Lost All Four Limbs To The ‘Worst Case Of Meningitis’ Leaves Hospital For The First Time!

*This post contains sensitive images that may be difficult for some viewers*

Kia turned one year old in November at the hospital. The family celebrated her milestone birthday in her room with her older siblings and received a letter from Countess Sophie of Wessex, Prince Edward’s wife and patron of the charity Meningitis Now.

Kia gained a lot of support from the public after her story was covered in the British news. Mostly, because the NHS had eliminated a meningitis vaccine from their schedule that would have likely kept the disease from affecting her. More than £36,000 (approx. $48,000) was donated from well-wishers which the family used to buy a bigger house that can accommodate Kia when it was time for her to come home.

Paul and Vikki got the first taste of that recently after Kia was allowed to leave the hospital for a home visit. Doctors have informed the couple that they believe Kia – who was blinded by her illness, but who they believe has not lost her hearing – will be able to go home permanently this year. Paul said hearing that news felt like they won the lottery.

In the meantime, Kia will be allowed to leave the hospital on a day-release basis. Paul called her arrival “the best present I’ve ever had delivered to my door.” We hope Kia is able to go home permanently soon after everything she’s been through in her short life.


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