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Thousands Of Strangers Send Autistic Man Cards And Gifts For His 21st Birthday

Many people on the spectrum don’t stress about not having much of a social life; to them, they’re fine with the people most familiar with them being in their inner circle.

Some even prefer to spend their time by themselves or with a few family members because they can avoid any awkwardness or breaking of their routine.

James’ sister Lucy thought she had an idea that would allow James to have a big birthday bash – without the loud noises, raucous crowds, and bright lights.


Lucy made a plea on Facebook for people to send her brother cards for his 21st birthday.

This way, James could feel like others were a part of his special day without making him feel uncomfortable by having direct contact with anyone.

Lucy figured a few people would respond but she had no idea how “a few” would turn into more than 10,000!

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Lucy said: “He’s always wanted to go viral which is quite ironic because he’s so shy at times, like he won’t want to introduce himself to strangers if he’s never met someone before but he’s always wanted to be famous and always asked how could he do it, could he do it on Youtube, and we’d say ‘you can’t just go famous’ but he has, just from one Facebook post.”

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