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Thousands Of Strangers Send Autistic Man Cards And Gifts For His 21st Birthday

Most people can’t wait to turn 21. Truth be told, most people can’t wait until their birthday rolls around, no matter the number, but some milestone ages garner a little more excitement than others.

Eighteen and 21 are definitely two of these milestones ages, the first because you are now officially an adult and the second…well, for obvious reasons.

It means a night out with the guys or a girls’ night out at an establishment where they can drink something a little stronger than soda.


That’s most people, not all.

There are plenty of 20-year-olds that require nothing more than kicking back with close friends and family on their 21st birthday.


James Weir falls into the latter category but not because he chooses a night in over a night out; James can’t really have a night out.


James has autism, which affects millions of people across the world. In fact, Autism Spectrum Disorder may directly affect you. If it does, you are well-aware that socializing isn’t a priority with people on the spectrum, which leaves many with autism to have very few friends.

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