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  • This High School Let Its Students Dress As Pop Icons For IDs And The Results Are Epic!

    School photos can sometimes be the worst. Whether you’re closing your eyes mid-shot or your hair is completely out-of-control, most of us have a few school portraits we’d much rather forget. But not every school photo has to be awkward. North Farmington High School in Detroit, Michigan, is quickly gaining recognition for being one of […]

  • Teacher Wanted ALL Her Students To Be In Her Wedding, So She Did THIS

    For the bride-to-be, it can be one of the most difficult decisions she has to make. No, not who to seat at what table. Again, not which color coordinates best with her bridesmaids gowns and the flower arrangements. Not the meal choices (salmon?…or beef?) and not the music to be played during the reception. When […]

  • WATCH: Adalia Rose’s Epic 10th Birthday Fiesta Will Totally Make Your Day

    Adalia Rose’s family and friends sure know how to throw her an awesome party! To kick off her 10th birthday celebration, she started the day by getting pampered and made to feel like royalty. As a makeup artist applied her makeup, she beamed for the camera and radiated pure happiness. Decked out in an adorable red skirt […]

  • An Old Man Gave A Young Boy $20, And The Reason Why Is Very Sad Indeed

    Kids are so open and honest. Unless they are deathly shy, which can happen when your experiences are new and limited, they can be very friendly and giving. They don’t care how old you are. They aren’t looking at your credit score or your career goals. They crave attention and are willing to look for […]