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  • The 6 Most Common Childhood Accidents And What You Can Do To Prevent Them

    According to statistics, more than 30-percent of all trips to the emergency room in the U.S. involve treating children. The majority of these visits happen during the night and weekends. Experts believe this is when accidents happen most frequently in children. Emma Hammett, the founder of First Aid for Life, revealed in The Hippocratic Post for Child […]

  • 15 People Who Hit It Out Of The Park With Their Disneybounding!

    Just about everyone these days is familiar with cosplay. In a nutshell, cosplay is when someone dresses in a costume as their favorite character from a movie, book, or video game. It’s incredibly popular at conventions and movie premieres. Cosplaying has been around for years but gained popularity as the various Comic-Cons did. Disneybounding has been […]

  • This Amazon Delivery Guy Is Winning The Internet Over With His ‘Loyalty’!

    If you ask random people what their favorite thing about the Internet is, you may be surprised that a large number of answers would be online shopping. Not social media, not streaming services, but having the ability to buy just about anything with a click of a button and have it show up to their […]

  • Teacher Donates Kidney To 10-Year-Old Girl She’s Never Met

    When we think of teachers, the words “hero,” “selfless,” and “compassionate” usually come to mind. Educators lay the building blocks for our future, then continue through the years stabilizing that foundation and adding to it. They often sacrifice for their students, not only their time but their money. In many cases, teachers have to buy tools […]