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  • Teen’s New School Shows Support And Kindness To Her And Her Rare Condition

    Being a teenage girl is pretty tough. They are always under pressure to look their best and this means keeping up with the latest hair, makeup, and fashion trends. via GIPHY Not only is there pressure from their peers, but they also get it from their parents who want them to get good grades, coaches […]

  • Girl With Down Syndrome Defies Doctors And Becomes A Gymnastics Champion!

    There are people in this world just won’t take “No” for an answer. No matter how much proof you have that they can’t do something, they ignore all of the evidence and continue on their path toward their goal. I'm the only one in the World in Special Olympics that does this😊 Posted by Chelsea […]

  • New Mom Sues Hospital After A Misdiagnosis Leaves Her Without Limbs

    When a woman gives birth to her child, she is filled with an unimaginable joy and an unconditional love that can’t be explained. It is truly a miraculous gift to bring a life into the world and when those emotions are¬†overshadowed due to others’ mistakes, it is unbearable. For Lindsey Hubley, she will have to […]

  • Mother Gets The Shock Of A Lifetime When She Opens Big Red Box At Her Door

    Walking across their university’s auditorium stage or football field to be handed their college diploma is one of the proudest moments a person can feel. It is also one of the proudest moments for a parent. via GIPHY After all of the years of supporting their dreams, driving them to rehearsals and practices, helping them […]