Bill Gibron

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  • Children Were Asked To Describe Their ‘Differences,’ The Answers Are Inspiring

    As the old song says, prejudice must be carefully taught. Kids don’t grow up believing in such divisive ideas. They may not like another play partner or classmate, but it’s not usually associated with their race, color, creed, family situation, or social standing. Instead, adults place those ideas in their offspring’s heads, and after a […]

  • Activists Save A Truck Full Of Animals Headed To The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

    It’s known as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and it’s been going on since 2009. While the eating of such animals has been a part of Chinese tradition for well over 400 years, partly out of the superstitious belief that said cuisine helps keep the Summer heat from effecting the body. Every year, during the […]

  • What Do We Call These Things Again? @CorrectNames Has All The Answers

    How did things get their names? Oh sure, we can do all the linguistic gymnastics and look back at Latin word roots, foreign language foundations, and other verbal givens, but who sat back one day and said, “You know that wooden thing over in the corner? I think we’ll call it a…’chair.’” Yes, the dictionary […]

  • Kids Describe Their Parents To An Artist And He Draws What They Say

    They see things through different eyes. They lack the sophistication of age, but make up for it with genuineness, honesty, and a unique personal perspective. Ask any two the same question and you’re bound to get decidedly different responses. That’s kids for you. As each new experience is process and filtered, the preconceived ideas we […]