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  • 10-Year-Old Makeup Phenom Dazzles Internet With His Amazing Talent

    Learning how to apply a flawless face of makeup is an art form in itself. So if you’re able to do so without looking remotely like a clown, most people would consider you to be an artist. Makeup artists seem to be born with a special skill set to be able to create both bold and timeless looks, […]

  • Moms Who Are Makeup Lovers: This Just Might Be Your Worst Nightmare

    If there’s one thing moms know about toddlers, it’s to never turn your back on them for even one second – because that’s enough time to get themselves into a whole heap-load of trouble. What could happen in one second, you might ask? Well, for starters tossing a wedding ring into the toilet or throwing keys out the […]

  • Adopted Man Shares Emotional Video Message Meant For Birth Mother

    For children who know they are adopted, Mother’s Day can stir up all sorts of mixed emotions. Add to the mix the element of never having met their biological mothers and it can create an especially confusing bundle of raw emotions. Radio Host Ryan Jon Recently Made An Emotional Video Message For His Birth Mother To […]

  • 3 High School Girls Hope To Prevent Date Rape With Brilliant Invention

    Gulliver Preparatory School students Victoria Roca, Susana Cappello and Carolina Baigorri are hoping to make a difference in date rape prevention. While enrolled in an Entrepreneurship class this year, the Miami, Florida high school students developed a date rape drug detecting straw that can indicate whether or not a drink is safe or not. The straw […]