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  • Adorable Baby Melts Hearts With Her Doll-Like Features

    It’s often been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and once you see photos of this adorable little girl’s doe-eyed gaze, your heart will surely melt. After Siti Safuraa Hamzah and her husband moved to Sweden recently, their greatest joy remained taking photos of their precious little girl Dhuhaa Sophea Stumbrys. […]

  • After Waiting 14 Years For A Kidney, He Wasn’t Prepared For The Identity Of His Donor

    After 23-year-old Katherine Sinclair sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the head, the young woman’s family had to make the difficult decision to take her off of life support. Although their daughter had never discussed organ donation with her parents, they chose to donate “everything except her eyes, skin and bones” with one exception: her old neighbor […]

  • Dad’s Tearful Reaction To 4th Baby’s Gender Reveal Is EVERYTHING

    Back in the day, when it came time to reveal the gender of an expectant mom’s baby, it was a pretty basic concept. When you saw the pink napkins and flowers on the table at the baby shower, you knew they were having a girl. Gender Reveal Parties Are The Latest Family Trend Source But […]

  • Bullied 10-Year-Old Music Phenom Shares First EVER Makeup Tutorial

    Reuben de Maid was born with the sort of musical talent meant for greatness. At just 10-years-old, the boy from Wales is blowing people’s minds with his soulful voice and confident stage presence. After seeing his YouTube performances, Ellen DeGeneres took a special interest in the songbird and invited him onto her show. Reuben De […]