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Aspiring Model Refuses To Give Up On Her Dreams After Dog Viciously Attacks Her Face

Suzel was rushed to a local hospital, where she remained for a week. She had extensive muscle damage, which doctors tried to repair to no avail. She also underwent plastic surgery but she cannot fully lift her upper lip due to the damage.

“I knew how badly damaged my face was,” she said. “I thought no one would ever love me again and worse that all my dreams of being a model were over.”

She said there was a brief moment where she contemplated ending her life but she had a support system full of family and friends that forced her to dig deep and find the strength to not only continue living her life but pursuing her dreams.


Suzel said the worst part wasn’t the pain or depression that followed the attack, but the lack of concern or remorse from her friend whose dog attacked her. Now that she’s healing from her surgery, she’s using her experiences to speak out against domestic violence, saying, “I have a lot more strength behind me as I will not only do it for myself but for anyone else struggling with the same insecurities.”

She is also aware that her paralyzed lip and scars will scare off potential clients for her modeling career, but she refuses to give up saying, “I plan on doing all I can to get as close to this as possible. I will keep pushing and trying my hardest to make it possible so others can feel that nothing¬†is impossible.”

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Source: Model Refuses To Quit Career After Vicious Dog Attack, Embraces Her Scars by Liftable

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