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Aspiring Model Refuses To Give Up On Her Dreams After Dog Viciously Attacks Her Face

We all face adversity in life. Of course, some a little more than others. These experiences can leave you feeling defeated and deflated and make it difficult for you to stay focused on your dreams. One aspiring model is sharing her harrowing story with the world in the hopes of aspiring other young women to never give up, no matter what obstacles get in their way.


Without question, Suzel Mackintosh is beautiful. From an early age, she aspired to be a model. When she was 17, however, she began a relationship that lasted two years – two abusive years. Suzel was able to find the strength to get out of the situation and refocus on modeling. But a few years later, her dreams were threatened once again.


Suzel and her friends were camping in a remote area of southwest Australia for New Year’s. One of her male friends brought his dog along for the festivities and the group was having a great time with their four-legged guest during the day. Suzel says she played and cuddled the pup without any problems for hours. When night fell, everything changed.


When it got dark, Suzel’s male friend secured the dog in his car for the night and the group of friends began their New Year’s Eve festivities.

“After we celebrated the countdown, I went to the car to get something and saw the dog in there, I gave him a pat and he jumped up and bit me on the face shaking me, I fell back to the floor and felt the holes in my face,” Suzel explained.

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