Artist Creates Illustrations To Show What Love Really Looks Like

At some point, hopefully, we will all fall in love. If we’re lucky, it will only happen once and we will be with that person forever.

For most people, we fall in love many times over the course of our life. It’s nothing to be sad or embarrassed about, we learn from every relationship – both about ourselves and about what we need from a partner.

When a relationship is going strong, love is wonderful. Love is inspiring. Love is happiness.

When it ends, love becomes bitter, disgust, and sadness.

But, those are words that describe how we feel or certain aspects or emotions that love evokes. But exactly is love and what does it look like?

That’s the question L.A. artist Amanda Oleander asked and the answers she found were turned into honest and telling illustrations.

Take a look at the good, the bad, and the truth about love:

Love is sacrificing for your partner to be happy.

Love is accepting your significant other for who they are with all of their quirks.

Love is doing everything together and never getting enough of each other.

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