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This Amazing Artist Hides Messages About Depression In Her Anime-Inspired Works

When you hear the term “depression,” there are a few automatic reactions. We envision someone who is sad all the time, who mopes around hopelessly, trying their best to tie into the real world while lost in their own inner battle. The symptoms can be so severe that they cause hallucinations and other horrors. They can also be very misunderstood, especially by a society which likes to see things in blatant, black and white terms. Of course, mental health is not so easy to explain. It’s much more complicated than that.

Artist DestinyBlue (real name Alice De Ste Croix) wants to help those on the outside looking in to see what those suffering from depression go through. Her style may be a bit cartoony (definitely in the manga/anime style) but the message couldn’t be more meaningful. Looking at her work, you can see the hidden agenda – never assume someone is OK, even if they say so, look for little clues and hints regarding their well being, and always know that, while it may not help, friendship and kindness are needed. The result is something very powerful indeed. Take a look:

Two Sides To Every Story

Illusion vs. reality.

Forever? Or Over?

Or maybe both?

I May Look OK


Seemingly Separated

But the heart runs much deeper.

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