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Artist Illustrates Daily Life As A Stay At Home Mom And These Drawings Hit Too Close To Home!

It’s not a secret that being a stay at home parent is hard. It’s also incredibly rewarding, but your kids really make you work for that reward! Whether you’re a SAHM or SAHD makes no difference either. Your friends will say how jealous they are that you have “so much time to get so much done” but deep down you wish they only knew the reality that staying home with your kids doesn’t automatically equate to having time to do everything. It’s actually a miracle if you can get anything done at all!

One artist knows the pains of being a stay at home mom well. Kara Western expresses the ups and downs of being a stay at home parent beautifully. From mundane tasks like laundry to huge milestones like her baby taking his first steps, Kara doodles them all. She recently admitted that being a SAHM can be “incredibly lonely” and she uses her drawings to connect with other parents who understand her daily life.

Take a look at 15 of Kara’s all-too-real doodles that will have you thinking she’s got a nanny cam somewhere in your house!

Time Moves Too Fast

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All parents remember how snuggly their newborn was. Surprisingly, they still fit in your arms, even when they’re much older. You just have to make a few adjustments.

No Rest For The Weary

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Sick? Ha! Stay at home parents laugh in the face of sickness! Because there isn’t a choice. They have to.

This Is Why SAHP Have Gym Memberships

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Working out at home when there’s a little one around is next to impossible. For some reason, your leggings and sneakers scream “Come play right here at my feet while I try to get this cardio in!”


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She captions this one, “When your toddler is having a really hard time sleeping due to teething but you don’t want to undo months of sleep training.” Well said.

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