Artist Creates Self-Portraits As A Character In Our Favorite Cartoons

One of our favorite things here on AdaliaRose.com is to share incredible illustrations, photographs, and other unique pieces of art. While art itself may be subjective, there’s no denying how talented some people are!  Some of the best displays of talent and skill we’ve found have come from the artists using themselves as their own models. While every artist uses their individual experiences as their inspiration not everyone can pull off being a muse, model, and creator!

Sam Skinner does all three flawlessly. She challenged herself to draw her own likeness as a character that could be found in many famous cartoons. The results are not only spot on, they are jaw-dropping illustrations that really show off how talented she is! Take a look at 17 of Sam’s self-portraits of herself as a character in some of our favorite cartoons…

This Is Sam

Sam told Bored Panda she was inspired by other artists re-imagining classic designs. She said she hopes one day to have her own webcomic.

1. The Powerpuff Girls

Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, and Sam?

2. The Simpsons

Isn’t there an app that does this? If not, Sam should create one!


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