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Apple Watch Catches Woman’s Thyroid Condition Without Her Showing Any Symptoms!

Most people buy an Apple Watch hoping to make their life a little easier. The features of the watch itself allow a user to do just about everything they can on an iPhone, which makes it not only popular but a little pricey, depending on which one you go with. There is a faction of health-conscious Apple users who actually purchased the watch with the intention of using it to track their progress in the gym or their overall well-being.


Heather Hendershot was one of the people who bought her Apple Watch for health and fitness purposes. She was hoping her newest device would encourage her to be more active considering she had just given birth four months prior. Everything seems to be working fine for the 25-year-old until one day last month her watch wouldn’t stop beeping.


Heather was relaxing at her Kansas home in March, just watching TV on the couch when the watch’s alarm went off. Her Apple Watch was saying that her resting heart rate was too high, registering at more than 100 beats per minute, well above the healthy resting heart rate of 60.


Understandably, Heather assumed something was wrong with her watch and ignored it at first but it kept beeping. Her husband Cody even tried the watch and nothing happened at all. Heather put it back on and the beeping started up again over the next day. It started beeping at 100, then 120, then 140. Cody didn’t want to chance anything so he had Heather go to the emergency room.

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