Animal Lover’s Kind Act Of Feeding Raccoons Turns Into Good Lesson About Wildlife

If you are an animal lover, you may get pretty upset when you see commercials for shelters asking for help in housing abused and neglected dogs and cats. You may even be someone who calls into the hotline and pledges either a set or recurring amount in order to help these poor defenseless creatures.


To be fair, there are millions of people whose heart breaks when they see these 60-second ads too but instead of donating money to national campaigns, they donate funds, their time, or food to local shelters in their communities. In fact, many animal advocacy groups have been advising people recently that giving to local shelters may actually be more beneficial to helping animals since there is less red tape.


No one is wrong in either situation; people with a soft spot for animals want to help in any way they can so however they choose to do so is greatly appreciated and should be applauded, right?

There is, however, one thing you probably should never do when you see an animal in need.


A man posted this exact good-intended act on Facebook because he thought it was quite a sight but animal advocates and veterinary professionals are warning against this very thing. So what did he do? He fed a raccoon.

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