Filipino Girl Who Was Sold To A Gang Finds Happiness After Being Rescued

Children are some of the most special people on earth. Even if you don’t have any kids of your own, you probably still understand the importance of keeping them safe and protecting their innocence. Sadly, not all people think like that.


The story of a young filipino girl named Anabelle is proof that there are some very cruel people out there. However, her story is also proof that even the most tragic tales can result in happy endings.


Anabelle, was born with a rare condition called¬†Crouzon Syndrome which causes facial deformities. When Anabelle’s mother realized she could not care for the young girl she sold her to a local gang who abused her and took advantage of her appearance by sending her out to beg for money.


After years of terrible treatment and being forced to walk the streets, Anabelle was rescued from this terrible situation – but her story didn’t end there.

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