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Amazing Video Surfaces Of A Doctor Turning A Breech Baby In Utero And Goes Viral!

The Fishers were getting very concerned that their home birth would not happen after all and Vanessa would have to deliver via C-section, the standard delivery for babies who are breech.

As Vanessa’s due date drew closer, their midwife made one final suggestion: There was a doctor who had much success turning breech babies while they were in utero. So, the Fishers gave it a shot and contacted OBGYN Dr. Frederick Cummings.

Their baby proved to be quite stubborn and refused to realign after the first attempt, but at 38 weeks, Dr. Cummings was able to get him into the correct position.

Posted by Nick Vanessa Fisher on Monday, January 22, 2018

Nick captured the whole thing on video which was the couple’s plan the whole time. What they didn’t prepare for was the outcry of interest shown in the doctor’s technique.

The Fishers put it on Facebook to share their experience so other expectant parents could witness the technique that worked for them.

The video went viral and now they are sharing their story!

Watch This Incredible Video:

How amazing is that? The Fishers were lucky to have found Dr. Cummings and what an adorable baby!

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