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Amazing Video Surfaces Of A Doctor Turning A Breech Baby In Utero And Goes Viral!

Nick and Vanessa Fisher were expecting Baby #2 and planned on having a home birth. There was only one catch – their little one was breech.

Most babies while they are developing, float and turn into different positions. One of the many positions they turn is breech – when their feet are down and the head is up.

Posted by Nick Vanessa Fisher on Friday, August 4, 2017

During the third trimester, and even as close to eight weeks before delivery, the baby will naturally turn the birth position, meaning head down, but not always.

There are many suggestions moms are given to help their baby moved into the correct position.

Posted by Nick Vanessa Fisher on Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vanessa was advised to do handstands in a pool, specific yoga-like positions, and other inversion-type exercises to try to get the baby to move its head down toward the birth canal.

They even tried planking.

“We got out the ironing board and we would plank,” Vanessa said. “I would lie on the ironing board upside down for maybe 20 mins at a time. None of those things worked.”

Posted by Nick Vanessa Fisher on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Fishers say they tried everything imaginable, listening to advice given by loved ones and techniques found online.

“I would like bounce on (a medicine) ball or do figure 8,” Vanessa explained. “We would put headphones in my pocket and try to get the baby to try to get curious and try to listen down at the bottom of them.”

None of it worked.

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