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This Russian Illustrator Is Reviving The Lost Art Of The Caricature

It’s a forgotten artform, one born out of the need to offer up images where no portraits or other media were available. In an era where newspapers couldn’t reprint photographs, and where cameras weren’t portable enough to take candid shots, publications had to rely on artists, especially those skilled in caricature, to give their stories life. Mention a famous face, and hopefully you had someone on staff who could easily render a likeness of Charlie Chaplin, or President Lincoln, with charm and just a bit of comic edge. Such drawings were a Broadway staple, where the legendary Al Hirschfeld made sure every name performer was immortalized via his amazing pen and ink playfulness.

Now Lera Kiryakova can join the ranks of those turning the well known into the witty with just a stroke of her colored pencils. The Russian artist has a true knack for capturing what we love about celebrity, and she does so without exaggeration or critique. The gallery below features several of her works and each one is amazing. Not only do they look like the personalities being presented, but they have a clear cartoon quality that fires the imagination. Ever wondered what Sherlock Holmes and Watson from the BBC update on the famed mystery detective series look like animated? Here’s your chance. Check it out.

This Is Lera Kiryakova

Leonardo DiCaprio

Emma Stone

Ryan Gosling

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