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Our Girl Adalia Has A New T-Shirt For Sale – And Even She Can’t Keep Them In Stock

She’s the Facebook firebrand with the bubbly personality and the killer dance moves. She’s also an activist for the condition she was born with, a little girl with a heart so big that it can’t be kept in a single short social media message. So our darling Adalia Rose is taking a stand – and she wants you to join her in the latest battle against progeria and the cause for a cure.

Adalia Rose Is A Social Media Queen


That’s fine, you say, but how? Well, how about by buying one of the t-shirts that this little sweetheart designed herself. Those who know her recognize the gal’s love of pop culture quips, baby sloths, unicorns, and anything remotely associated with mermaids. Now she has a design celebrating such joyful things and she needs your help. All you have to do is click on this LINK (aka https://teespring.com/stores/adalia-rose) and get yourself a “Hey Girl Hey” shirt.

This Is Her Newest Design


Or maybe you can be lucky enough to visit The Adalia Rose Store as pictured in the video below. There, you can meet the marvel herself, and get the kind of hands on, personal attention this cause requires. Of course, you could also end up with the WRONG design – not on purpose, mind you. It’s just, these “T”s are so popular that it’s hard to keep the newest in stock. Don’t dilly dally. Hit that link and get your “Hey Girl Hey” on today.

And don’t forget to take a pic with you in your new outfit and Instagram it to #heygirlhey.

Oops – Nobody Is Perfect (LOL)

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