WATCH: Adalia Brings You Along While She Gets Her Nails Done!

If you’ve already been following Adalia on her Facebook, Instagram, or her YouTube channel you know that this bright little light loves her family, her friends, mermaids, makeup, dancing, and getting her nails done!

So many of you send in questions or comments complimenting Adalia’s nails that her and her amazing mom Natalia wanted to bring you all along for one of her appointments!

Many of you know that one of Adalia’s BFFs Elaine does nails. Because Adalia’s hands are so petite, Elaine is the only person Natalia and Adalia trust to do a good job without hurting her tiny fingers.

If you’ve ever gotten your nails done, you will be amazed at how careful Elaine is and how awesome they look when she’s done!

Everyone should have an Elaine in their lives, but if you want to follow our Elaine on Instagram, you can do so @elaine_nailedIt.

Watch Adalia Get Her Nails Done:

Doesn’t Elaine do an amazing job?!

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