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While Showing Off Her Rap Skillz, Adalia Rose Gets Her Wig On

Heck – you can’t blame a gal for wanting to look good. With styles changing ever time you pick up a fashion magazine, being hip to what’s happening is most important. You want to be now and contemporary, unless you are one of those people who can predict what’s coming next and find a way to stay cool while that long lost look finally comes back around. Few can pull that off. Those that can are special indeed.

Adalia Rose Knows Style


She’s Always Looking Good


Adalia Rose is that kind of couture. She can take any period, from the past to the present, and with just a flick of her wrist become the model of modern finesse. Sure, she has a little thing like progeria to deal with, but as she has done her entire life, she doesn’t let her condition get her down. In fact, Adalia enjoys rising above expectations, pushing beyond barriers, and making hater pay for the lack of understanding.

She Can Pull Off Any Fashion Trend


Of course, behind every icon is someone who makes sure he or she looks good in the spotlight. In this case, we’re going to throw it back to the time when our girl got herself a handmade wig. Erica is a whiz with the tresses, and while Adalia spits bars, her hairstylist creates a masterpiece. It is quite a complicated process, but these two walk us through it with humor and heart.

And She Does It With Fierceness


And A Little Help From Wig Wizard Erica


It’s A Terrific Video – Click Over To See It For Yourself