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Adalia Takes On The Magnetic Face Mask And Things Get Funky…And Fabulous

For you, what is the most important aspect of your regular beauty regime? Do you enjoy a frequent face scrub with rare and exotic chemicals and compounds? Maybe you prefer to go organic, slathering all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and nuts all over your problem areas. Perhaps you prefer a daily wash with soap and water, or you could be one of those who enjoys experimenting with different techniques, all promising heaven while treating your skin like…ok, ok, we’ll keep it clean.

They Are Supposed To Be Very Good For You


But Not All Face Masks Are The Same


It seems like, every second of every day, a new product hits the market promising to deliver the kind of Vogue Magazine level looks nature otherwise saw fit to avoid in you. There’s a whole multi-million dollar industry out there promising to polish your epidermis, turning your face and neck into the equivalent of a baby’s bottom. One of these innovations is the so-called Magnetic Face Mask and leave it to our girl Adalia to be one of the first to give this new kind of treatment a try.

Some Are Relatively Normal


The idea is to use a cream filled with iron particles. When a magnetic is applied to it, a mild electric current is generated. This then – SUPPOSEDLY – help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while doing a definitive job of reaching into each and every pore and pulling out the gunk. When done, you will – ALLEGEDLY – see a big difference. So naturally, when Adalia and her mom gave it a whirl, they let the video camera capture the whole adventure.

Others Are A Bit…Weird


Just Ask Adalia Rose About The Magnetic Face Mask


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