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88-Year-Old Fan Finally Gets To Meet Justin Timberlake And The Internet Can’t Stop Smiling!

Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our social media feeds are filled with precious videos of loved ones being surprised by tickets for a sporting event or concert that they always dreamed of going to. We especially love seeing seniors get emotional over tickets to the Super Bowl or to another event that they’ve waited their entire lives for.


We rarely see these videos outside of November-December but this past Easter, we were all given the opportunity to share in one elderly woman’s joy after finding out she was going to see her No. 1 bae, Justin Timberlake when his Man of the Woods Tour made a stop in Orlando on May 14th.


Bette Maloney, or Nammie as her grandkids call her, was shocked then overjoyed when she was given her ticket to JT’s show in her Easter basket. The look on her face is priceless and quickly went viral. Possibly the cutest part of the video came when after the initial shock set in, Nammie says to her family, “I’ve been trying to figure out how to save money to go. I won the lotto the other night and got $65.” Of course, $65 wasn’t going to cut it for these tickets and not wanting their Nammie to be left crying a river, they made sure to get her great seats so she could rock her body along with all of JT’s favorite hits.

Watch The Viral Video Below:

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How sweet is Nammie’s reaction? It’s the best, right? Well, if you loved her reaction of getting the ticket, wait until you see her face after she gets to meet the world-famous singer!

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