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8-Year-Old Boy Born ‘Bent In Half’ Is Now A Model For Tommy Hilfiger!

One of the most successful American designers in history has employed eight-year-old Colton Robinson from Massachusetts to rock the new Tommy Hilfiger collection, but what makes Colton special, aside from his adorable face, is that he was born “bent in half.”

When he was born, Colton’s legs were arched up toward his head and his spine protruded from his back. Just hours old, Colton underwent his first surgery to repair his back then another one at six months old to drain fluid from his brain. His legs and feet have been in casts since he was a baby in order to straighten them out.


That hasn’t stopped Colton from being a model. Five years ago, he was selected for a fundraising photo-op for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. In 2014, Colton was a finalist for a “cutest kid” contest in a parenting magazine and a year later he was invited to take part in a runway show during a hockey game.

His mom Ashley says it was like modeling was Colton’s calling and he’s loved it ever since.

“I always ask him ahead of time if he wants to do modeling jobs and 100% of the time it’s yes, he tells me he likes it because it makes him feel good about himself,” Ashley said. “He loves it, he has such a big personality and is very secure about himself, which is great that he doesn’t see limitations for himself.”

Last year, Colton was asked to do spring and summer shoots for the Tommy Hilfiger Runway of Dreams adaptive collection. He even took part in New York Fashion Week!

“‘People were so impressed by him and loved that he doesn’t lack confidence, he’s starting to realize he can do anything,” Ashley said. “I tell him the same thing I’ve told him since he was little: that he can do anything any other child can.”

He certainly can! Way to go, Colton!

Watch Colton In Action:

Source: Adorable young boy born bent in half due to defect defies disability to become successful wheelchair model at eight-years-old by Caters_News

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