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7 Ways You Can Help Your Friend Deal With Anxiety Issues

Anxiety is the reaction to situations perceived as stressful or dangerous. We all have anxiety.

At some point, you’ve gotten butterflies in your stomach before giving a speech or presentation or felt nervous before a doctor or dental appointment.

After the event, your feelings go back to normal and life goes on.

But for millions of people, things don’t go back to normal and the fear can actually worsen. This is a common sign that someone is suffering from one of the many anxiety disorders. In fact, anxiety disorders affect between 7-10 percent of the U.S.

You may know someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder but never really knew what to do to say to try and make them feel better while they were having a panic attack.

Here are seven ways you can help the person you care about get through an anxiety attack:

1. Talk To Them


Sometimes, people just need to know someone is there to listen. Offering support by allowing your friend to vent their frustrations to you and be non-judgemental about it! Remember, anxiety brings out a lot of irrational fears in people so resist any temptation to cast judgment.


2. Motivate Them


Make a list of all of your friend’s positive qualities and share it with them. Motivate them to believe all of the good things about them that you and others see. Help them to understand that everyone is different and that’s what makes us all special!


3. Compliment Them


Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, but oftentimes people suffering from anxiety disorders forget that they are loved and appreciated. Let them know how great they look that day or what a fantastic job they did on something they were working on.


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