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6-Year-Old ‘AGT’ Contestant Blows People’s Minds With Most Metal Performance EVER

Looks can sometimes be deceiving, so get ready to abandon all judgement on this dynamic little duo because once you hear how they sound, you’ll likely never judge a book by its cover again.

Isaiah And His Sister Aaralyn Performed For America’s Got Talent

During a performance on America’s Got Talent, six-year-old Aaralyn and her nine-year-old brother Isaiah strolled onstage to dazzle judges Howie Mandell, Howard Stern, Mel B. (Scary Spice) and Heidi Klum. 

No One Expected Their Performance To Be So Intense

As the audience made collective “awww” sounds while the duo introduced themselves, Howard Stern exclaimed he couldn’t wait to hear their “sweet music.” But as soon as Aaralyn began to sing, looks of shock washed over the judges and audience members faces. As the brother and sister rocked out to a heavy metal song called “Zombie Skin” that the tiny songstress had written all by herself, the judges had mixed reactions.

Howard Stern Was On Board And Loved It

Howard stood up and rocked out while Howie banged his head but it was clear that Heidi and Mel B. weren’t sure how to respond to the shrieking lyrics Aaralyn belted out.

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