Somebody Pranked A Farmer Which Led To A 45-Minute Police Standoff With A ‘Tiger’

They say “it’s better to be safe than sorry,” and this story, which starts out quite frightening but ends in laughs from all over the world, is proof.

24-year-old Scottish farmer Bruce Grubb entered his barn Saturday night and immediately saw something alarming – a tiger sitting in the middle of his cowshed.


Naturally, Bruce panicked and did the first thing he could think of – he dialed 999 (our version of 911 in Scotland).

Police came out and surveyed the situation using photographs sent to the control room. One of the first sergeants at the scene reviewed the images and confirmed the tiger “was definitely real.”


Except, it wasn’t!

Armed police spent 45 minutes in a standoff with the tiger, while the local zoo frantically checked to make sure one had escaped their premises.


None of the surrounding wildlife facilities were missing a big cat and considering Bengal tigers aren’t native to Scotland, law enforcement started to get suspicious.

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