3-Three-Year Hilariously Tries To Convince Mom She Didn’t Eat Chocolate Cake

Kids really do say the darndest things, don’t they? They do the darndest things too, sometimes. All kids regardless of where they live or what language they speak has a penchant for getting into mischief now and again. In most cases, they’ve gotten into something they shouldn’t. Of course, they aren’t doing it out of malice or to be mean-spirited. Kids are kids and part of learning and growing is getting some things wrong along the way.

In a lot of these cases, we can find the humor even if it doesn’t come at first. Some of the most memorable viral videos in the last couple years has been a parent filming their child’s reaction to getting caught. Why? Because these moments are so relatable!


How many times have you laughed at a video of a child doing or saying something inappropriately hilarious because you totally know what the mom or dad is going through? It probably happens a lot. Now, at the time, these scenes aren’t that amusing. It takes time for the humor of the moment to really sink in. After all, there really isn’t anything funny about your son or daughter directly ignoring a rule you set. But sometimes, you just can’t help but to laugh…


Three-year-old Juliet is the star of one of these recent videos making the rounds. Apparently, it’s Juliet’s mom’s birthday and they will be hosting a party later that evening. However, Juliet doesn’t want to want to try the cake, so she gives her mom a hand and tries it. She probably wanted to make sure that they flavor was correct and that it tasted good. See? She was only thinking of you, Juliet’s mom!

The problem is, she gets caught. There’s no way to know if it was the chocolate smeared all over her face that gave it away or the guilty look while hiding her hands behind her back but Juliet continued to deny, deny, deny until she just couldn’t deny it any longer! She asks her mom for help washing her hands and even when she’s directly asked why she refuses to tell her mom the truth. It may not have been Juliet’s best moment to start, but it ends with people falling in love with the adorable little girl. So how does she finally fess up? You have to watch below!

Watch Juliet And The Mystery Of The “Sticky Hands”:

Source: Child With Chocolate-Covered Face Denies Eating Cake by Storyful

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