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3 Dogs Line Up Like Guilty Children After Getting Into The Trash

If you don’t own a pet, specifically a dog, you may not exactly be able to feel for the dad in this story. If you are a dog owner, well, you will understand where this guy is coming from so well it will feel like déjà vu. And if you happen to be a cat person, you’ll sit back and laugh at the shenanigans you likely don’t have to deal with being the owner of a fluffy feline, although, you probably have your own foolishness you go through on a daily basis.


Every pet owner loves their furbaby; that goes without saying. Why else would you have a pet? Not to do housework, that’s for sure. In fact, if you have a dog (or an extremely mischevious kitty), chances are that you have the amount of housework you do because of your pup.


Having an animal friend around really is one of the most rewarding experiences you can go through. Not only is your dog incredibly loyal, but he or she makes you smile and laugh and feel needed and loved every single day. Even on those days that they may sorta kinda be driving you a little bit crazy, they can quickly turn your frustration into joy in about 5 seconds flat.


There’s a lot of frustration and patience to be had if you’ve had your dog from the time their a pup into late adulthood. House training, crate training, the chew-everything-in-sight stage, even commands like sit or lie down can take a lot of work.

Dogs learn through repetition, so remember that as you watch the video in the story. There is no doubt these three adorable pups have been scolded for this maneuver before!

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