20 Tweets That Prove We’re Obsessed With Our Phones And Should Put Them Down!

If you’re the parent of a child who’s at least 12 years old, you will probably have no problem filling in the blank: “Put your phone down when we’re _____.” Maybe you added “dinner table,” “at church,” “speaking to you,” or something different altogether. Our kids seem to be completely addicted to their phones, whether it’s because they can’t stop playing one of the millions of games available with the simple tap of the download button or because they can’t stop posting selfies to social media.

But how much do we use our phones? Sure, it’s a little different when we’re the ones paying the bill every month, but aside from the license that gives us to check our own Facebook feed while waiting in line at the checkout, we’re probably on them just as much as our kids are or even more when you factor in the number of emails we read from our handheld devices.

Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it? Well, so will these 20 totally relatable tweets that prove we’re more obsessed with our phones more than we realize:

Or, wonder aloud why they just didn’t tell us what happened in the video.

They kinda are, aren’t they? Minus the slobber, of course.

The struggle is so real, y’all!

Be honest, how many chargers or charging stations do you own? And why is it we never throw the old ones out when we upgrade to a new phone?

Raise your hand if you think this would be you!


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