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18 Super Sneaky Tricks Celebs Use To Make Themselves Look Better In Photos Revealed!

15. Always Use Your “Best Side”

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Ariana Grande is famous for only taking photos of the left side of her face and that’s because she feels that’s her “best side.” Angle your head and face from both sides in the mirror – whichever one you feel is best is the side you should use for your selfies!

14. Stand, Don’t Sit


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You may or may not have noticed, but celebs favor standing to sitting in their photos. Standing lengthens your body and gives you better posture. Even the celebrities that sit are usually positioned awkwardly or stiff to give the same effect.

13. Get Your Standing Pose Ready

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A quick way to appear more slender when standing it to place your hand on your hip and pop your hips either forward or backward. Every body is different though, so this may not work 100-percent for you and that’s fine! Laverne Cox is curvier than Bella Thorne and she found the perfect pose that accentuates her body beautifully.

Going into 2018 like…#TransIsBeautiful

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