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18 Super Sneaky Tricks Celebs Use To Make Themselves Look Better In Photos Revealed!

Chances are, you’ve taken a selfie – at least once, even if you don’t want to admit it! There’s also a strong possibility it didn’t exactly end up looking as good as one of the Kardashian’s.

When a celebrity takes a selfie and posts it to Instagram, it shows up on your feed looking flawless. There’s no double chin, no weird lighting that makes your features look wonky, no misshapen waist or midsection…

How do they do that?

You’ve probably wondered if celebs have a special selfie class they go to where they learn the art of taking them. They likely don’t. But what they do have is tricks of the trade that they probably do share with one another of just how to get that perfect selfie look.

Here are 18 super sneaky tricks celebs use to make themselves look better in photos:

18. Let’s Start With The Lightning

The secret has been out for a while that Kim K. only takes selfies using her LuMee case but other celebs also use something called a Ring Light to take all of her best selfies. That’s how they combat the low-lighting struggle. The least expensive option? Use natural light only.

17. The Angle Is Important Too


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The angle of the pose is important in order to cast out shadows or define your features. It also can give an optical illusion that your face is perfectly symmetrical when it isn’t.

16. Take The Photo At Eye Level Or Above

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Most celebs – at least the selfie savvy ones – know that taking a photo from below the chin line, it takes away from the sleekness of their face. Taking a selfie from eye level or above makes the face appear slimmer. Add in the right lighting and angle and you’re almost on your way to being a Hadid sister!