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15 Of The Biggest Vacation Fails Caught On Camera!

Going on vacation is supposed to be a memorable experience and anyway you look at these 15 photos, it sure is!

When the unsuspecting travelers embarked on their trips, they had their sights set on sun-kissed beach fun and winter wonderlands coming alive on snow-covered mountaintops, probably not the calamity they actually got.

Luckily, all of these vacation fails were caught on camera, so their memories can be preserved and the rest of us can have a laugh for years to come.

The Road Less Traveled

That tour up the mountain sure seemed like a good idea at the time! Unfortunately, it came to an abrupt end that likely left the tourists terrified.

No, Thanks, We’re Good

When you book an exotic vacation in Australia, the keyword is “exotic.” An unsuspecting visitor entered his hotel room Down Under and had no idea that the room was already occupied by this humongous spider.

When You Just Can’t Reach That Itch…

Some visitors to South Africa’s Pilanesberg National Park will have a lot of explaining to do to the rental car company after this elephant attempted to relieve its itching by using their car as a scratching post.


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