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15 Truths About Household Objects That Will Make You Rethink Everything

You’ve heard of lifehacks, right? They’re basically a shortcut or technique used to manage our time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

There are hacks for getting your child off to school quicker in the mornings, travel hacks, beauty hacks, cleaning hacks, organization hacks, hacks for holidays – basically anything you can think of, someone else has come up with a way to do it easier.

You would think big corporations use hacks, too, but maybe not in the way we’re about to show you!

What you’re about to see are 15 of the craziest lies you’ve ever seen when it comes to the products we use on a daily basis. They will have you rethinking everything…and not in a good way.

1. This Doesn’t Seem Right…

If you’re paying for a brand name product, you expect to get that. Not an imported cheaper brand from Russian disguised inside the brand name product packaging.


2. Is This How You Recycle Bowling Balls?

A guy’s bowling ball chipped and when he looked inside, lo and behold, he found Sara’s old bowling ball hidden inside.


3. You’re Paying 300% More For This

Ever wonder what’s inside your long-reach lighter used for grills, candles, and campfires? A regular Bic lighter. A regular lighter cost¬†roughly $1 (depending on where you live and where you shop), but a long-reach will cost at least three times that amount. It kind of makes you want to make your own long-reach lighter hack, doesn’t it?!


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