These 15 Teachers Hilariously Trolled Their Students!

We all know that teachers don’t have the most glamorous job. In fact, as salty as you may think your teacher or professor is, you have to admit they’re definitely not doing it for the money. They have a lot to deal with over the course of their day and the work doesn’t stop when the final school bell rings.

There are lessons to plan and teach, reports to read through, tests to grade, and every mark has to be inputted into the database. On top of the tasks they actually got their degree for, they have to be a disciplinarian too. All teachers have that one wiseguy that always has a joke and rarely takes anything seriously but they also have a handful of others who would rather be anywhere than sitting in class all day.

Teachers and educators handle the ridiculousness that goes on differently. Some teachers may be very easy going with a high tolerance for tomfoolery while others may have their students on a shorter leash and don’t allow any wiggle room.

There’s also a number of teachers who use trolling their students as a bit of therapy along with teaching a lesson. As cathartic trolling students may be for teachers, it’s hilarious to the rest of us, who have already taken our bumps and bruises and can sit back and enjoy the show! Check out these 15 times a teacher epically trolled their student:

15. Classic Teacher Troll

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This only works if it’s not a timed test but it’s still a classic.


14. This Is Proper Use Of The Rickroll

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You know you would have laughed if this happened to you.


13. Eye In The Sky


Nothing’s getting past this vigilante!



12. The Clock Is Ticking…

Awesomely evil professor from r/funny

Oh man, which one would you select?


11. They Asked Their Teacher For A Recommendation


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And this is what they got!


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