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15 Of The Most Romantic Engagement Photos In The World

By now, we’re used to seeing our friends’ engagement photos on Instagram and Facebook. We’re almost so desensitized to seeing them, that we forget that these images are a glimpse into the biggest day in a couple’s life. Until the wedding that is…

But Junebug Weddings brings those moments, taken through the camera’s lens, back into our hearts. Since 2009, the wedding site has hosted an annual photography competition featuring the most romantic engagement photos on the planet.

This year, nearly 6,000 photographers submitted their images hoping to make the final cut. These are not your ordinary SnapChat photos either. Carrie Schwab, editor-in-chief of Junebug Weddings, said a strong engagement photo should showcase “passion, joy, and just the overall excitement of being engaged to your partner.”

So how does Schwab and her team decide which photos finish in the top tier? “Our judging process involves first anonymizing all of the entries,” Schwab responded. “Then, our guest judges along with the Junebug Weddings team assign points to the images. The final collection is comprised of the images that received the most points from the judges as well as the images that the Junebug team feel add diversity and good representation to the collection.”

So which engagement photos are considered the best in the world according to Junebug Weddings? Take a look at 15 of them (in no particular order)…


Photographer: Sirjana Singh and Ben Lane
Company: Tinted Photography


Photographer: Baylee Dennis
Company: Baylee Dennis Photography


Photographer: Danielle Bohane
Company: Danielle Bohane Photography


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