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15 Times Hospitals Did The Most To Bring Christmas Cheer To Patients

Being at home for the holidays is something just about everyone looks forward to.

Whether you’re a serviceman or woman fighting overseas, a business person managing a project on the other side of the country, or a college student that hasn’t seen their family since arrived on campus in August, being home with your loved ones can feel like the greatest gift of all.

Sadly, not everyone can stand in their mother’s kitchen and help bake Christmas cookies or assist dad with the lights around the house.

Some people are stuck in the hospital over the holidays. It may not be anywhere close to home, but nurses and hospital staff have done their best over the years to make patients get in the holiday spirit.

Here are 15 times hospitals have put in extra effort in order to share the joy of the season:

Blood Bags

Whoever started manufacturing blood bags in shape of Christmas should probably get a special creativity prize for this invention.


A New Twist On A Christmas Angel

For many hospital staffers, they aren’t given extravagant budgets for holiday decorations, so they do the best they can with what they have available.


Yes, Those Are What You Think They Are

If your guess was “urine sample cups,” you win.


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