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15 Gross Foods People Eat Because They Taste Good But They’re Actually Dangerous

12. Bullfrog

In Africa and France, bullfrogs are considered a delicacy, but the French only eat the legs while in African nations, they consume the entire animal. The bullfrog’s skin and organs contain harmful toxins which cause kidney failure and even death.


11. Tegillarca Granosa

Tegillarca Granosa, or blood clams, is a popular seafood from China. Unfortunately, it’s gained infamy throughout the rest of the world because eating it can cause Hepatitis A, E, and Typhoid.


10. Hákarl

The national dish of Iceland is Hákarl, a type pf sleeper shark. It’s cured with a particular fermentation process and hung to dry for four to five months before being allowed to eat it. The shark doesn’t have a kidney, which increases the toxins in the body and making it possibly harmful to humans.


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