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No Take Backsies! 15 Photos Of Our Favorite Celebs In High School

Who doesn’t love thumbing through magazines while waiting in line at the checkout?

You know you won’t buy the mag, you’re probably not even that interested in 99-percent of it, but that one section about celebrities out on the town has your interest piqued.

There’s an obsession with celebs that we just can’t shake. In moderation, or even when it’s just a fleeting interest, it’s normal.

We want to see how the rich and famous live, work, and play.

We normally don’t give much thought to how they looked or who they dated before they graced the magazine covers, starred in our favorite movies, and sang the soundtrack to our lives…

…Until now.

Check out these celebrities’ high school prom photos when this is considered when they were at their best!

Brad Pitt

Even in the 80’s, Brad Pitt was quite the head-turner!