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104-Year-Old Woman Shares Her Secret To An Extra Long Life!

Theresa was contacted by her local news who wanted to run a story on her 104th birthday. WZZM packed up their equipment and headed to the Sentinel Pointe Retirement Community, where she’s lived for the last 15 years.

She was delighted to speak with the news crew and told them she really can’t believe she made it to 104.

“I’m surprised that I’m 104,” Theresa said. “It just doesn’t seem like I should be that old.”

“When I was 100, I thought I’d never be 104; I thought I’d pass away by that time but it just didn’t happen,” she continued. “Then I turn 101, and nothing happens.

“Here I am 104, and still nothing happens.”

The reporter asked Theresa what she did to accomplish such a tremendous feat and likely wasn’t expecting Theresa’s candid response.


Theresa says the reason she’s lived as long as she has is because she eats a lot of potato salad, oh and because she drinks a Diet Coke every day.

“I drink it because I like it,” Theresa said. “I’m going shopping Wednesday, and I need more Diet Coke. I have a bag full of empty Diet Coke cans that I need to return to buy more Diet Coke.”

Watch The WZZM Story About Theresa Turning 104:

As much as Theresa claims it’s the Diet Coke that’s kept her going, medical professionals disagree. According to Health, the soft drink can lead to weight gain and more serious health problems such as diabetes.

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