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104-Year-Old Woman Shares Her Secret To An Extra Long Life!

From the time you are a teen until you hit your mid-20’s, you don’t give much thought to the future.

Sure, you think about what colleges offer you the best classes for your major, what job you’re going to get, and maybe even whether or not you want to settle down eventually.

Then you hit 30 and realize what an eye-opening experience hitting this milestone really is.


Physically, not much changes between your late-20’s and when you turn 30, although according to science that’s when men start to lose their hair.

What does change, however, is your mentality. Suddenly, your future becomes a lot more important than just choosing between buying your lipgloss at ULTA or Sephora.


There is nothing wrong with any of this; It’s all a part of growing up and growing old.

However, there does come a time when you start really thinking about the latter. You may start eating healthier, cutting out bad habits, and implementing an exercise routine into your daily life.


A woman named Theresa Rowley, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, celebrated her 104th birthday on New Year’s and she says she did none of that in order to get there.

In fact, her advice on how to reach at least the big 1-0-0 is kind of surprising…

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