Here Are 10 Ways To Feel Awesome When You Need A Pick Me Up

4. Find A Hobby That Allows You To Express Yourself


Have you ever felt a sense of calm and contentment from something as simple as coloring with your kids? What about baking cookies or doing crafts? You may just need to tap into your creative side to give yourself a spark!

5. Suprise Your Partner


If your significant other has been eyeing a special item or has mentioned trying a new restaurant, don’t put it off any longer. Surprise them with something they’d like but aren’t expecting and you’ll be the one that’s left feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

6. Get Lost In The Crowd


If you are constantly the focal point of your family or office, take a break from it for a bit and get lost in a sea of people. Enjoy a concert or night out at a club (but be responsible!) and let the spotlight shine on someone else that evening.

7. Start Appreciating The Small Stuff


We all take the little things in life for granted until we don’t have them anymore. Start appreciating the small stuff now while you can!

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