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10 Theories That Explain Why Some Disney Princess Movies Are Connected

If you’re a fan of Pixar movies, then you probably have already heard of how many “Easter eggs” they include in countless scenes. For those of you not familiar with the term, an Easter egg is an inside joke or a hidden surprise that links several movies together in an unexpected way.

However, Pixar isn’t the only studio to hide a few little surprises in their films. Disney is also responsible for cooking up a few surprises of their own, often to the delight of moviegoers. So if you are a big fan of Disney princesses, the information we’re about to share might just blow your mind.

Ariel And Moana


While Ariel wanted to go from living in the sea to living on land, Moana wanted the opposite. Both also befriended crabs – one was nice and the other naughty. Tamatoa’s not so-subtle reference to Sebastian had the Little Mermaid fans on the edge of their seats with that one.

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) And Ariel


Some say they’ve seen a painting depicting Aurora and Prince Phillip hanging in Prince Eric’s family estate. Theories about these two princesses connection seems to point to the idea that Prince Eric might be a direct descendant of Prince Eric and Princess Aurora. Another clue is the similar way both men fell in love with their princesses – by the sound of her voice.

Merida And Boo From Monsters Inc.


This one might be a bit of a stretch, but some fans believe that Boo grew up to be the witch in Brave. They theorize she grew up learning magic and her love monsters and disappearing through doors is the bridge between the mischief that unfolds in Brave. Although she had the ability to time travel, she kept a carving of Sully to remind her of their special times.

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