10 Jobs Dogs Do That Prove They Are Much More Than Just A Pet

If you have a dog, you know it’s much more than your pet. It’s more than a furry friend who’s excited to see every time you walk through the door.

Your dog is a member of your family and the bond happens the second you both set eyes on each other for the first time.

But pups are more than pets and more than family members. The loyalty and ability to be trained to respond to commands also make them pretty handy helpers.

That’s why dogs are employed in occupations that can use not only their natural abilities but the abilities they are taught.

Check out these 10 jobs dogs have that prove they’re much more than just your best friend…

1. Guide Dog For The Visually Impaired

One of the first assistance roles that dogs took was as a guide dog for the visually impaired back in 1908 and they’ve provided sight for those who can’t see ever since.

2. Dogs For The Hearing Impaired

We all know that dogs have a keen sense of hearing and they began training to help the deaf and hearing impaired in the 1970’s. Hearing dogs alert their owner/handler to important sounds, such as doorbells, smoke alarms, ringing phones, or alarm clocks. They now even work outside the home alerting hearing-impaired people to the sounds of sirens and machinery.

3. Mobility Assistance Dogs

It can take a mobility assistance dog up to a year to be fully trained to help people who are physically challenged. They are trained to carry and pick up objects, pull wheelchairs, retrieve items, and open doors.


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