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10 Inspiring Young People Who’ve Changed The World With Their Uniqueness

The world is filled with all sorts of wonderful diversity, which is why it’s a beautiful place. With all of our differences, it’s important to be able to appreciate the unique traits each one of us possess. For the inspiring young people below, their special stories have touched the hearts of people around the world and give us hope that being different is all about acceptance, tolerance and compassion.

1. Hannah Kritzeck


Born with primordial dwarfism, 22-year-old Hannah is one of only 100 people in the world with the rare condition. Standing at just 39-inches tall, she gained worldwide attention after being featured in several television documentaries. Her professed love of acting, singing and dancing has landed her roles on both stage and screen.

2. Fu Wengui


Fu was born with congenital scoliosis and a defect that gave him a longer neck than the average human. He had 10 vertebrae in his neck, three more vertebrae most people are born with, which gaves him the appearance of a giraffe. At the age of 15, Fu had corrective surgery donated by a Beijing charity to help alleviate the lifetime of nerve pain and stress he’d experienced.

3. Isa-Bella Leclair


After sharing an empowering photo of herself in a bathing suit a few years back, Isa-bella, now 21, has inspired countless people with her story. Born with a rare condition called Parkes Weber syndrome, the extra blood vessels in her right leg make it swell up to two times its normal size. Isa-bella chose to embrace her uniqueness and instead raise awareness about Parkes Weber.

4. Nikki Christou


Born with a rare condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which affects the blood flow between arteries and veins, Nikki has gained attention for the brave way she deals with the disease. Although she was often in pain, Nikki decided she wanted to help others understand her condition, so she made a YouTube video that inspired everyone to take notice. She’s since gained a large social media fan base and continues to make videos about makeup and causes she believes in. She was also nominated for the Pride of Britain’s Child of Courage Award.

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