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Once You Learn How They’re Made, You’ll NEVER Want To Buy These 10 Beauty Products Again

While most consumers believe that beauty products like deodorant and lipstick were created to make us smell better and look more attractive, they actually have dirty little secrets. Although the end product is wrapped up in a pretty little bow, research has revealed that there are tons of ugly and dangerous ingredients that go into everyday products that most people are unaware of.

For example, deodorant is a product most of us use on a daily basis, but one ingredient that fights bacteria – paraben – also mimics the hormone estrogen. Too much estrogen in your system can throw your body out of balance and heighten your risk of developing certain forms of breast cancer.

Take a look at a few shocking ingredients that go into your favorite beauty products below and feel free to check the labels of your products at home. We’re pretty sure you’re going to be tossing out a few items after you see the video below!

Deodorant Is Made With Parabens And Aluminum

One ingredient that scientists say definitely influences breast cancer is aluminum. Thankfully regulations have been put in place to limit the amount of aluminum found in deodorants.

Some Soap Contains Triclosan, An Anti-Bacterial Ingredient Also Found In Pesticides

Beginning in September 2017, the FDA is banning this toxic ingredient, also found in toothpastes and deodorants, in the U.S.

Although It Makes You Pretty, Lipstick Contains Lots Of Ugly Ingredients

Tallow, made from lamb fat and cow brains, are just a few ingredients that are found in lipstick. Boiled animal fats are also mixed into lipsticks to give them their creamy texture. And lastly, who knew that crushed beetles, also known as cochineal, were responsible for the hue of your favorite red lipsticks?

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