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10 Revealing Facts About What It’s Like To Work As A Disney Princess

For any little girl who has ever dreamed of meeting her favorite Disney princesses, the moment it arrives feels like one of the most magical moments imaginable. To see a real life Belle or Tiana or Ariel, hug her and talk to her might possibly be one of the most incredible experiences on the planet.

Meeting A Disney Princess Is Often The Highlight Of A Child’s Life


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing a Disney princess at a Disney park, then you’ll know how realistic they look compared with their illustrated versions. From the hair to the makeup to the tone of voice, every single thing about them is on point.

But As Flawless As They Look, A Lot Goes Into Becoming A Princess


But their flawless appearances don’t come without a cost. For many Disney princesses in training, there are some serious rules they must follow in order to achieve their perfect appearances.

Hours Of Training Go Into Becoming A Disney Princess


Among the many rules for working as a Disney princess are height requirements of no taller than 5’7″; you must also be no larger than a size 10. Age is also a factor and most princesses are between 18-23.

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