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10 Eye-Opening Challenges Hearing Impaired Individuals Face On A Daily Basis

For individuals who have lost all or part of their hearing, navigating through life can be filled with challenges. And for someone who’s got perfect hearing, recognizing these obstacles can help enlighten and open their eyes to an entirely new level of compassion.

Although some challenges may be apparent to those who don’t have to deal with this issue, there are so many other¬†problems that go undetected by those who aren’t hearing-impaired.

Take a look at these 11 eye-opening challenges that hearing impaired individuals face on a daily basis and feel great about the fact that you now have a better understanding.

1. Communicating In The Dark Is Practically Impossible

Sign language and lip reading are important tools for communication but if it’s dark, it’s a major obstacle for the hearing impaired.

2. Hearing Aids Are Very Expensive To Maintain

Between cleaning, maintenance and batteries, hearing aids are a costly but necessary expense. The downside? Water can destroy one so bathing and swimming can unintentionally destroy one.

3. The Constant Jittery Feeling That Someone Will Approach You From Behind

The loss of hearing means you aren’t able to detect those little sound cues that let you know someone is approaching.

4. Using Touch As A Way To Get Someone’s Attention

People who don’t have hearing issues usually just call out someone’s name to get their attention. But the hearing impaired have to rely on touch to communicate.